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Summer Performance Course

A note from Coach Nally:

"Performance Course is focused on preparing middle school and high school athletes for the rigors of their sport through strength, power, speed, agility, mobility and functional strength improvements. PC will train in the weight room and on the turf every week in an effort to help build a well rounded, resilient athlete. Along with physical training, Performance Course works through a 6 week character curriculum, breaks down athletic nutrition, team building, and goal setting over the summer. These programs will be held at the Melissa Championship Center starting on June 10th. All Cardinals are encouraged to attend! The sessions have been broken down by age in an effort to provide conscious training programs that fit athletes developmental needs.

Performance Course has been working with Melissa athletes for 5 years and is committed to helping build the whole athlete and help build Melissa Athletics!

All session info and pricing can be found here: 

We hope your child has the opportunity to participate this summer!

** For financial assistance or general program questions please email the Melissa Performance Course Site Coordinator, John Clark (

Thank you and have a great day."


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